Adjusta-Door is a true game changer

Fits perfectly on the spot. Even if your frame is not square.

Fits vertically
skewed frames

Fits horizontally
skewed frames

Fits frame
on sloping foundations

Simply use the Allen key to adjust each corner by 25mm in width and height.

There’s no cutting required. It’s so easy, you can do it yourself!

Or if you prefer a professional install, just talk to your nearest stockist or contact your local Handy Man.

The actual door measurements are:


2000 – 2050mm


800 – 850mm

Adjusta-Door fits existing door frames that measure between:


2009 – 2059mm


806 – 856mm

This allows for 3mm clearance at the top and sides and 6mm clearance for the bottom, above the floorway.

Adjusta-Door adjusts ongoing for unexpected foundation movements!

Foundation movements can affect both newly built and older homes

Foundation movement is often caused by changing moisture conditions in the soil supporting the foundation.

Seasonal weather, such as hot dry wind and intense heat will often shrink the soil beneath the foundation, causing your foundation to shift, sink or buckle.

Soil settling after a house is constructed, inadequate drainage, plumbing leaks and flooding are other common causes of foundation movement.

A foundation that has heaved and shifted may affect the way the door hangs

Your door may become sticky, jam against the frame and more difficult to open and close.

Or you may notice large reveal gaps develop between the door and frame and the door fails to latch.

The problem may be more apparent on one side of the door than the other. You may even notice a little bit of daylight coming through the space directly between your door and its frame.

Adjusta-Door adjusts ongoing to cater for these foundation movements

Unexpected foundation movements can be a costly nightmare for home owners.

The traditional way to fix crooked or sagging doors is to reset the strike plates and hinges, shave the door jambs or worst yet – buy a replacement door!

Adjusta-Door saves you time and money.

A quick Allen key adjustment is all that is needed to reset your door perfectly to your frame. No more sticky doors or large reveal gaps.